June, 2020. A Short Song

Not writing fiction right now.  I don’t know why I’m stuck.  But lyrics seem to pop up and I guess they could be considered fiction in a way.

Anyway, I was listening to some old Frank Sinatra the other day—his Capitol years—and one of his hits from the early 50’s came up.  My musical period, the 50’s and 60’s, some 70’s.  And on came “I’m Walking Behind You” —-one of his early ’50’s hits—of enduring love even when his ex-girlfriend is about to marry someone else.  Aw you think, the guy is swearing his everlasting love, until you really listen to the lyrics.  This guy is talking about stalking a bride!  “I’m walking behind you, on your wedding day…. And finishes “If things should go wrong dear, and fate is unkind, Look over your shoulder, I’m walking behind.”  And no, this is not some beyond-the-grave declaration of love like a ghost—that’s made very clear in other lyrics.  This is a guy promising to stalk a girl.  Wonder how many radio stations would give it play today?

Well, this is June, a traditional month for weddings, though with COVID 19, who knows.  So to give the music some lyrics that wouldn’t result in a restraining order —-

Forever and a Day

We were still almost children,

When we met—one summer day.

You were unsure about me,

Till love found a way.

We surrendered out hearts and —

We pledged our “I Dos.”

To love one another, to always be true.


A lifetime together,

With its joys and its fears.

The hours filled with laughter,

The times there were tears.

But throughout life’s journey,

Our love showed the way.

And I’ll love you forever, forever and a day.

I will love you forever, forever and a day.

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