December 2019. Christmas song

——-Once upon a time there was a Christmas in New York——

Once Upon A Time                          

(Melody—“Once Upon A Time”—sung by Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin, Tony Bennet, & others)        

Once upon a time,

When our years were very few.

We kissed beside the shore,

Beneath a starry sky.

But that was once upon a time,

When the world was bright and new.


Once upon a time,

New York was all aglow.

You answered all my dreams,

When you said you loved me too.

But that was once upon a time,

Many Christmases ago.


When we were young,

The highway had no end,

We thought that there was something new

Waiting ‘round each bend.

There was work to do,

A family to raise,

How could we know——-


That journeys have an end,

That the piper wants his fee.

That even love cannot—

Change our destiny.

But all our once upon a times,

Live on in memory.