February 2020, Song

Valentine’s day is past, but may love songs never be out of date.   This one’s for love in bloom.

I don’t know how to love you

music–Sarah Brightman–Just Show Me How to Love You (heard on U-tube)

I don’t know how to love you,

I never know what to say.

For when I’m standing beside you,

My breath is taken away.


I know I’ll always love you,

I promise I’ll always care.

And if you ever need me,

Just call and I will be there.


You shine as brightly as a star,

That I’m viewing from afar,

Why can’t we always–

Be together?

Come let me be your love,

Come shine your light on me,

And we can have–

A life together.


So show me how to love you,

Just tell me that you care.

For if I ever lose you,

It would be too hard to bear.


I know I’ll always love you,

Please say you love me too.

We’ll have a lifetime together,

And I will always be true.

          We’ll have a lifetime together—And I will always love you.