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What?   Primarily fiction.   The first serialized novel–Stranger in the Mind–is about a doctor in training into whose life the paranormal—or psychosis—intrudes. That story has ended after 13 chapters but can still be accessed.  A second long story–Squidzilla–has started.   

In addition, there will be variety of shorter stories from time to time.  

Why?   In the hope that readers may take a look out of curiosity, read, and then return.
When?   One or more times a week, with allowances for holidays, forgetfulness, and laziness.
Who?   I am a retired MD and live in Hawaii. And no, I’ve had no personal experience with either the paranormal or psychosis. (as far as I can remember or will admit to) But I did spend time in the Boston area.
Where?   Here.

re The Longs.
1.  Boston is the setting for Stranger in the Mind. You will find some familiar names and places, but others mentioned will not be found on any GPS device or atlas, but rather in a map of the imagination. The story takes place in the not so recent past when, in fact, there were no GPS devices, no cell phones or personal computers, and when many cars still sported enormous fins. At a time when a neurosurgeon named Ben—Ben Casey that is—was seen weekly on black and white television. Why a Boston of the fancy rather than a literal Boston? Since the tale takes in the mind of the narrator, I thought it would be appropriate to make the city a place of the mind too.  So, to begin…Bob Morton, training to be a pediatrician, newly married, hears a voice.…  This story has now ended after 13 chapters.

2.   The ocean will be the setting for Squidzilla.  It is science fiction, set in the not too distant future, and will not feature aliens from outer space.

Site Navigation For Novels:  The chronological listing of chapters and sections of the novels is confusing and I have not been able to alter it.  The Chapters start with 1 and then chapter 11 loops back to beneath chapter 1 and chapters proceed in order through the teens until chapter 19.  Chapter 2 then appears and then all the 20’s follow chronologically.  (Chapter 3 would then follow Chapter 29.)  I realize, confusing.  So to read the story chronologically look for the chapter heading and not the placement in the index.  Okay? Hopefully.

re The Shorts.
And shorter stories too, from time to time entered as posts.


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