Squidzilla 27. Sept. 27, 2020.

From A Coast Guard Inquiry Transcript

Q: Mr. Mendoza, you say your nephew’s boat was attacked by a Squidzilla that shot out of the water and basically crushed it, sinking it immediately with everyone on board?

M:  That’s right.  Right after he dropped an IED on top of one of the squids, the other one attacked him.  Tommy was planning to get married next month.  He was my sister’s youngest and she can’t stop crying. You, the government, somebody has to do something about those monsters!

Q: And this occurred when you were squid hunting with an explosive device?

M: Not hunting them!  We were providing protection to the whales that those red devils catch since the BlueSeas bunch can’t do it alone

Q: Mr. Mendoza, you’ve been previously cited and fined for unauthorized use of explosives at sea.

M: Only to protect the whales.  And this was Tommy’s first time going out on his own to patrol too.  God!!

Q: Mr. Mendoza, we have testimony that you’ve been conducting what amounts to Squidzilla fishing tours for people wishing to accompany you.  Your nephew also had two passengers with him.

The Deep Seeker

“We’re finally getting sonar contacts with squids, but we’re not getting close enough to record any light flashes,” Dr. Octavian said.  “They seem to be avoiding us.”

“I’ve told the Coast Guard of our plans to get closer,” Said Cam Joyce.  “They will put out the info to the boating and fishing community.  Just so that those cowboys know we’re out here too and don’t drop an IED on us.”

“That Mendoza guy is chatting it up on social media about the need to go after the squids after his nephew was killed,” said Dr. Octavian.  “If that mood carries the day, there won’t be many people who will be sympathetic to our research endeavor.”

“Well starting tomorrow, we’ll be traveling the whale migration corridor.  We’ll need to stay vigilant about what’s happening around and above us,” Joyce said.  “Don’t know how many other boaters will take up the call to hunt squids.”

Deep Seeker set out from port at sunset.  Thinking that their best chance to capture light flashes which they thought represented inter-squid communication, they picked up a migrating Grey whale and calf, and followed the pair at a discrete and deeper distance.  But after two days of tracking, there were no squid appearances and so they returned to port to reconsider and reprovision.

“I think we need to be more proactive,” said Dr. Octavian.  “Let’s flash random light patterns as we trail the whales and see if that provokes some ‘curiosity’ on the part of the squids.”

“Sounds like a plan,” replied Cam.

the Squids.

small hard whale follow whale, flash, signaled Number 34.  

what say?, said Number 5.  

no say nothing, just flash, Number 34 said.

you say back? asked Number 5

no. like ask you first, said Number 34.  what do?

me-you go look? asked Number 12.

go look, Number 5 said.

The three squids, joined by another two, swam for almost 8 hours back and up to the depth where Number 34 had left the Deep Diver, slowly cruising, tailing a Grey whale while flashing a random series of lights intermittently.

look.  hard whale move arms, got lights.  same me-you, said Number 34.

no same, Number 5 said.

almost same, said Number 34.

flash lights, no say nothing, said Number 5.

forget small hard whale.  no hard shells.  safe.  why no catch whale? Number 12 said.

Look — light flashes to the starboard side,” Cam said.  “It worked!  Are you recording?”

“It’s done automatically,” Dr. Octavian replied. 

first look small hard whale, said Number 5.  if no funny fish or explosion from hard whale, catch whale.

“They’re just pacing us, like they’re watching us,” said Dr. Octavian.  “You’re getting your wish, Cam, to be among the squids.”

“Wonder what they’re going to do?”

That question was answered when the squids left decisively to turn their attention to the whale and attacked it.

“Oh my God.  And I’ve got it all recorded,” Cam said excitedly as the squids dragged the whale carcass down and away.


“Some really good news at the Institute today,” Carlos said as he came down from washing up and sat down for dinner with Jessica and Cecie.  “It’s not official yet Cecie, but one of the committee told me you’ve been accepted to do research.  The committee was impressed by your first year grades, your professors’ evaluations and recommendations, and your interviews.  You don’t realize how rare it is for an undergrad to be accepted.”

“Cecie,” Jessica exclaimed, “You got your wish!”  She got up and enveloped Cecie in a huge, long hug.  “Let’s break out the champagne—the real stuff.  Too bad you’re still too young, but Carlos and I can celebrate.”

“Pour me a small glass and I’ll pretend its ginger ale,” said Cecie.

Later in the meal, after the initial excitement, Carlos said, “Also today, the Deep Seeker finally made contact with the squids.  Joyce and Dr. Octavian were very excited to record a long interaction with lots of lights flashing.  And they were able to observe five squids actually attack a Grey whale and carry it off.  Next dive, they plan to play it back and see if it attracts squids and how the squids will react.”