Squidzilla 25. July 26, 2020

Squidzilla 25


The BlueSeas ship Whale Defender I reported today that in its latest encounter with Squidzillas it inadvertently torpedoed a Grey whale when the drone it had launched to attack the squid inexplicably broke free of its guidance wire and ran free.  The group is reviewing the accident and examining its procedures

BlueSeas Coalition Press Release.

Scientists and engineers affiliated with the BlueSeas Coalition convened a panel to interviewed the ship’s captain, mate, and sonar/weapons operator who were involved with the recent torpedoing of a whale and to review the video and sonar data.  They concluded that the drone’s guidance wire was severed by a second squid while the drone was targeting another squid, which caused the drone run free.  There was no human error involved.  They could not arrive at a consensus as to whether the guidance wire was somehow weakened or damaged, or whether the action on the part of the squid was accidental or possibly intentional.


The squids had planned to reconvene if No. 5 and 18 had succeeded.  Word of their success speed among the squids and they gathered to discuss how to proceed. 

After No. 18 explained what it had seen and done, it was decided that whale hunting would be always done with one or more pairs if a hard shell was in the vicinity.

Whale Defender 1.

The crew of the Defender found themselves frustrated by the Squidzillas’ new tactic of cutting the armed drones’ control wires.  They found that launching one drone was ineffectual.  If they launched two, the maximum number that could be controlled simultaneously, they could destroy one of the squids and thus protect the whale.  However, the squids were now hunting with more than two at a time, and often managed to severe the wires to both drones.

“Those damn calimari have figured out how to avoid our tin tuna,” Tom swore. 
“You think they really learned so quickly?” asked Dirk, the first mate.  “That they can think like that?”

“Who knows and who cares.  And those drones aren’t cheap.”

“Know a guy who owns a fishing boat in the marina.  He and some of his buddies are talking about taking turns going out on patrol with rifles and C4.”

“Hope they know what the hell they’re doing.”

“Yeah.  He’s an ex-Seal, so he knows.  Anyway, they hope to supplement what we’re doing.”

“Well, we and the whales could use some extra help as long as your buddies don’t blow themselves up.”

CNN News.

The Coast Guard is strongly discouraging commercial and recreational boat operators from attempting to intercept Squidzillas in an effort to protect whales.  Commander Jamey Shin stated on the evening news that the unauthorized use of explosives at sea is illegal and poses a risk to boaters even though their intentions may be good.  Commander Shin reported that Coast Guard patrols have on two recent occasions intercepted fishing boats that were carrying explosives.  These were confiscated without incident, and citations were issued.  He noted that firearms are not prohibited on board ships, but they should be deployed only when necessary and with the utmost care.

Fox News.

“Hello everybody.  This is Jock Zippah.  Welcome to No Bull, the program where we give the news to you straight.  Tonight we’re talking to Rick Mendoza who operates a fishing boat and who four days ago managed to fight off a Squidzilla that was stalking a migrating whale.  Rick, can you tell us what happened.”

“Yeah.  Thanks for having me.  We were following this Humpback whale and calf, when our sonar picked up an approaching Squidzilla.”

“You were riding shotgun.”


“Just one squid?”

“Yeah.  See, we’re a lot smaller boat than the Whale Defender so maybe the squid figured that we weren’t a threat and it could target the whales.  Anyway we got close to it and I armed the C4 and dropped it over the side and we gunned the motor and got outta there.  There was an explosion and we didn’t kill the squid but it did break off its attack and go deep.”

“So you saved the whales.  I understand you were cited by the Coast Guard.  When you should have been commended.”

“Yeah.  I just want to say thanks to you on the air for starting a crowd funding drive for me to cover the fine.  There’s a lot of people who have helped already.”

“You’re more than welcome.  Do you plan to keep patrolling?”

“You know, I don’t want to say publicly.  I don’t want any trouble with the Coast Guard.”

“I understand.  Thank you Rick.  And that ladies and gentlemen was Rick Mendoza, a true waterman and a hero to the whales.  Now in other news……”


No. 25 was injured but not fatally by the improvised depth charge and would heal and regenerate. 

Word had spread along the “kelp vine” about this new development and the squids convened to see No. 25’s story:

small hard shell drop (by now the squids had devised a sign for explosion) explosion close me not on me.  small hard shell never do before.  what do?