Squidzilla 14. October 23, 1019.

Finally, after a one and a half year freeze on the release of Dr. Octavian and Carlos’ discovery of gigantic squids, word comes from the Navy.

Department of Defense Communications.  Top Secret.  Secure phone line.

Secretary of Defense to Secretary of Navy.

Good morning Roger.  Intelligence reports that the Chinese navy has concluded that USOs are most likely biologic in nature and they are still working on proving it.  There is no point in further restricting your scientists from releasing their findings.  It may even annoy the Chinese to learn that we knew the answer a year and a half ago and let them stew over it.  POTUS concurs; he thought it was funny.

Secretary of Navy to Secretary of Defense. 

That’s good news, Jim.  The good Dr. Octavian will be very happy to have the restriction lifted.  George Mellon will give him the news today and follow up in writing.  Should I tell him that the pictures and videos can also be released?

Secretary of Defense to Secretary of Navy. 

Sure, Roger.  Might as well let them make as big a splash as possible.  I’ll send you the official memo.

Memorandum:  Secretary of Defense to Secretary of Navy.

  1. NSA intelligence indicates that the Chinese Navy, which has also been pursuing the identity of USOs, has concluded that they are most likely biologic in origin and is working to resolve the issue.
  2. The restrictions on releasing the findings are lifted.
  3. You may notify your civilian contractors that they may release their findings to any and all academic and community publications and media.

Sears Institute

“Well Carlos, at last it’s come,” said Wili, smiling from ear to ear as he got off the phone from George Mellon.  “We’ve been cleared to publish and to send out press releases.  I’ll notify the director.  He’s been burning with curiosity about what our work was all about.  Especially since the mini-sub was so dinged up when we got back.  I’ll show him the videos.  I’m sure he’ll be happy to have the PR department work with us over the release to the media.”

“Did Mellon say why they decided that now was the time?” asked Carlos.

“He said that other nations were on the same track and that we might as well beat them to it.”

“It’s a once in a lifetime discovery and I’m so grateful that I got to work on it with you.”

“And now you can also tell the Turner girl that you’ve been seeing.  After all it was her tragedy that started us off,” said Dr. Octavian.

Jessica Turner.

Carlos visited Jessie and Little Ceci the next day.  “Let’s watch the afternoon news,” he said grinning.  “You’ve been asking about our work and I couldn’t tell you before.  Well the answers will be coming up on the news.”  He turned on the TV with a flourish.

After the usual flurry of advertisements, the news anchor appeared.  “In our lead story, Sears Institute scientists announced the discovery of an enormous new giant squid, previously only suspected from elusive sonar contacts by US Naval vessels.  The creature lives in very deep water and is close to the size of a nuclear submarine.  The following video footage was taken by the Sears Institute scientists who reported the discovery, Dr. Wilhelm Octavian and Dr. Carlos Vierra.”

Jessica felt her chest tighten as she listened to the newscaster’s words.  Then she saw the image of the squid itself closing in to attack the mini-sub and the memories and emotions of the dreadful day when Greg was seized came flooding in.  She numbly heard the news anchor say, “The Navy, who funded the study, said that there is no need for the public to be concerned and that there is no danger from the creature.”

Carlos switched off the television and turned to Jessica and Cecie with a smile,  “And now you know what I couldn’t tell you before.”  His smile quickly faded as he saw the expression on Jessica’s face.   

“No danger the Navy says!  No danger?  Then what was it that happened to Greg?” she exclaimed, face contorted as she struggled to keep from crying.

“Mommy, you said Greg?  You mean my Daddy Greg?” asked Little Ceci.  “You said he drowned, Mommy.  What happened to him?  Did the squids do something?”

“Oh Cecilia.  Daddy did drown..  But it was a giant squid that came up and pulled him out of the boat we were sailing on, that drowned him.  I was going to tell you all about it when you got older because I didn’t want to frighten you now.”

Ceci began to quietly cry.  “Poor Daddy Greg.  Drowned by a squid.  And you saw it happen, Mommy.  You must have been very frightened and so sad.  I’m glad that the squid didn’t drown you too.”

Jessie reached out and held Ceci against her and the tears flowed down her cheeks, into Ceci’s hair as she relived that day.  “Yes, poor Greg…..poor dear Greg.  Your Daddy.  Oh Ceci.  I’m sorry.  I’m so sorry.”

Carlos quietly got up from his chair and motioned that he was leaving.  Jessie looked up through her tears and nodded while holding Ceci close and stroking her hair and rocking her.  He shut the door softly behind him.