Squidzilla 8. September 2, 2019.

Jessica Turner

“Mom, I’m sorry that things got so busy at the end that I didn’t have a chance to Visiphone you the last few days of my visit,” said Jessie.  “They celebrate New Year in China like you wouldn’t believe!  From the fireworks, you know it’s where gunpowder was invented.  And that’s just the Western New Year.  The Chaos said the real celebration is later at the time of the traditional Lunar New Year.  And the food!  Still, it’s good to be home.  How have you been?  Everything all right?”

“Yes, all right but dull compared to the time you’ve had.  The main thing is that you and Cecilia got to know and be known by the Chao family.  To think that they are China Shipping Enterprises!  And Greg never once mentioned anything.  He was such a levelheaded, down to earth person.”

“Mrs. Chao made a big point of how a Chinese mother would insist on knowing the family background of a fiancé.”

“I thought Greg was a good man, in love with you, and that’s all that really mattered.  I really liked him.”

“Greg.…well….Greg is gone…. and they think differently in China, Mom.  But I wanted to ask you something.  I’ve been going through the messages that weren’t forwarded, and I found one from a Dr. Wilhelm Octavian who said he wanted to talk.  Unusual name, but it rings a bell somehow.  Do you have any clues?”

“Octavian….Octavian……..Wasn’t he the marine expert who was interviewed on the news after you and Greg were attacked?”

“Oh God.  I wonder what he wants at this late date?”

“Jessie, you don’t have to talk to him if it’ll be too difficult for you.  You don’t even have to return his call.”

“Well, I’ll see what he wants.  It was a couple of weeks ago, and maybe it’s no longer relevant.”

Sears Institute

“Did you ever hear anything from that Turner gal that you wanted me to talk to?” asked Carlos.  “Maybe it’s still too painful for her to talk about.”

“Yes, at last.  She was away over the holidays.  Hong Kong, no less. Visiting her fiance’s parents.”

“Well, do you still want me to talk to her if she’s willing.

“It’s probably a dead end, but yes.  She said she’s willing to talk.”

A week later.

“She didn’t have much to add to what you read in the police report, Wili,” said Carlos.  “She was very certain about her estimate of size of the squid’s eyes.  Said they seemed to stare into her soul, that they seemed to have an intelligence behind them.”

“As I recall, she was terrified.  Could fear have influenced her impressions?” asked Dr. Octavian.

“No, Jessica was definite on that point.”

“Jessica, eh?  I guess you made a pretty good impression if you got on a first name basis with her.  If she’s right, the squid would be monstrously large.  Well beyond any seen or recovered so far.”

“And she was also very clear about the creature slapping the body of her fiancé against the water again and again,” said Carlos.  “That was very hard for her to talk about.”

“That almost suggests that it was acting in a playful manner.  Like an orca playing with the body of a seal pup.”  I’ve never seen or read about that with squid or octopi before.  Maybe the press was on to something when they talked about ‘squidzilla’ after the incident.  What was your impression of Ms. Turner otherwise?”

“Jessica has a daughter, her fiancé’s child, just a year old.  She’s returned to work.  Does it from home with the Bank of the Hemispheres.  Financial market analysis.  I think she’s levelheaded, smart, went to MIT.”

“And, as I recall from the TV news, she’s also young and attractive.”

“Very true.”

“Think you’ll look her up again?”

“I think I’d like to get to know her better.  But I think I’ll wait a while before calling.”

The Squids

The three squids waited until the Grey whale they had been following rose to the surface to blow and then prepared to dive.  Number 9 signaled, “Wait whale deep dive.  Then me-you grab.  No let whale go up.  It die.  Then me-you eat.”

A younger, smaller fourth squid swam up, “Number 9—me too?”

Number 9 replied, “This time you eat too.  Next time you find whale, help hold.  me-you help—me-you eat.”