squidzilla 29. Feb. 10, 2021.

News Headlines:

Daily Bugle:  Cam Joyce Crushed by Killer Calamari!!!

New York Times:  Cameron Joyce: Famed Adventurer, Entertainment Giant, Lunarnaut Killed Filming Giant Squids

Environmental Times: Joyce’s Death: Too Close An Encounter?

The deaths, and the manner of their deaths, of Cameron Joyce and Dr. Wilhelm Octavian shocked the world.  

“For Cameron Joyce truly was that over-worked cliche, a Renaissance figure, in his multiple accomplishments and interests that harked back to the days of Musk, Hughes, and Edison.  His vision, inventiveness, and bold risk-taking in first entertainment and then in industry produced the enormous wealth that fueled his multiple interests and adventures, the latest of which led to his death.  

Dr. Wilhelm Octavian was senior scientist at the Sears Institute and professor of Oceanography at Stanford, famed as the discoverer, along with his long-time associate Dr. Carlos Vierra,of the gigantic squids that ironically killed him and Mr. Joyce.”

Carlos, Jessica, and Cecie.

Carlos had been at the shore station monitoring and receiving the audio and video from Joyce and Octavian during their submarine voyages off San Diego including the last moments of the fatal encounter with No. 12.  He was left shocked and deeply saddened by the death of his mentor, who was later his friend and collaborator, Dr. Octavian.  But when there was a reaction by some of the public there should be a hunt to kill Squidzillas, much as there used to be after a shark killing, though now on a much larger scale, and he was asked for comment, he cautioned against a revenge motive.   

“This is the fourth time there has been a fatal encounter between a ship and a Squidzilla,” said the reporter.  Do you think they represent a danger to us?  And Octavian was a close friend and associate of yours too, wasn’t he?”

“Yes, Wilhelm Octavian was a good friend and we worked together for many years.  He thought there might be some risk in doing this, but like a good scientist, he was willing to take that risk to gain knowledge.  I’m certain he would not be in favor of going out to kill squids for revenge.” 

“But what about the risk that the Squidzillas might pose to other ships?” asked the reporter.

“If you look carefully at the incidents, you will see that each time, the ships involved were in some way injuring the squids.  In the case of Mr. Joyce and Dr. Octavian, the squid was given a shock to make it let go of one of the sub’s arms, and then when it apparently attacked the sub in a reaction to that, it was electrocuted and jammed the dive plane.”

“Are you saying that Squidzillas are capable of emotions and thought!?”

“We just don’t know,” said Carlos.

“What about the possible danger to other ships in the future?  Do you think there should be some preventive action?”  asked the reporter.

“Possible future danger?”  I don’t think I can make any prediction about that.  But I would caution anyone thinking about taking individual action.  Remember, that’s how that fishing boat was attacked and sunk.”

“Oh Carlos,” Jessica said when he returned home. “That must have been a hard interview.  Especially when the reporter seemed to try to bait you into saying something about going after the squids.”

“I know,” said Carlos. “There’s that sentiment.  Not so much for Willi, but for Joyce.  Joyce was such an admired, towering person.  Known all over the planet.  And now suddenly he’s gone, along with Willi.  Such a loss.”

“Carlos,” said Cecie.  “I’m really sorry that Dr. Octavian died.  You were such good friends.  It must have been very hard for you to hear them saying goodbye on the sub before it was crushed.  But I’m really, really glad that they didn’t invite you to go along on the sub.”

“Yeah.  Now I am too.  It’s been a tough day and week,” said Carlos.  “I think I’m going to turn in early.”

The next morning at breakfast, Cecie said, “I’ve seen broadcasts on the news of the video footage from the Deep Seeker, including the parts leading up to the attack.  Do you think I could look at all the recordings including the first contacts?  I mean when you feel like it’s okay to.”  

.”Don’t see why not,” replied Carlos.  “But right now the footage is being studied by Joyce’s team.  Maybe after they’re done.  Anyway I’ll ask them.”

“Thanks,” said Cecie.

The Chaos

In Hong Kong, Cecilia, now CEO of China Shipping Enterprises, T.F., emeritus CEO, and Lily Chao, emeritus co-CEO, were meeting with their senior staff to discuss what if any action should be taken in light of the attack on the sub and the previous ship sinkings.  

“After I conveyed our condolences to Carlos over the death of his friend, Dr. Octavian, I asked if I could contact him again about our concerns that the squids could pose a danger to our ships,” Cecilia said.  “ He got back to me two days ago, with Cecie present too.”

“I wish she would come for a visit again,” said Lily.  “It’s been three months.  But I will never understand her fascination with those monsters that killed Greg.”

“Carlos invited her because he thinks she’s thought about and knows as much as anyone about them,” Cecilia said.

“Did he or Cecie think they could pose a threat to our ships?” asked T.F.

“He didn’t think they would, given the size of our ships.  The cargo containers stacked on deck could be vulnerable, though.  Cecie pointed out that since our ships don’t pose a perceived threat to the squids or to their food sources that are the great whales, they would not have a reason to attack.”

“Wait.  It sounds like Cecie thinks those monsters can reason,” Lily said.

“Perhaps,” Cecilia said. “She also pointed out that since the attack that killed Greg, there have been no reported unprovoked attacks on small ships.  She did suggest caution in sailing on our yacht though.”