October 2019. October Song

Look along the high tide line at the beach where we used to see shells, sea glass (okay, that was once garbage too), pieces of coral, drift wood.  Now ………

Where Are All The Little Pearly Shells?

(Pearly Shells—sung by Don Ho and others)


Tiny plastics, from the ocean,

Shining in the sun, covering the shore.

Each time I go there,

There is always more and more,

Burying all the little pearly shells.


On the beach, where we once gathered,

Puka shells to make a lei.

Now I see none.

More plastic washes up everyday,

Who wants to string or wear a plastic lei?


What to do, about this torrent,

Of plastic swirling in the sea?

We must learn—

That the sea’s not our garbage dump,

We have to change, what we’re doing, you and me.

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