February 2019

A song for February instead of a short.

February Song

                Melody —“Sweet Memories”—sung by—Roy Orbison, Andy Williams;                                                              Hawaiian version by Oliver Kelly

My love flows like a river, from a place of memories.

Carrying in its current, all the things you mean to me.

Thoughts of you, of things that were, and what will never be,

Mingling together, in my reveries.


A river gathers to itself as through the land it flows.

And mine has gathered memories from so very long ago.

I hear your voice, your laughter, and the times when there were tears.

Echoing in memory, down through these many years.


The summer we met working, in a small hotel.

That Christmas you said you loved me too, I remember it so well.

We travelled across America to an island in the sea,

And in this rainbow-blessed place you raised our family.


My love flows like a river, from a place of memories.

Life too is like a river, flowing onward to the sea.

I swim on alone now, since you’ve gone ahead of me.

Until we meet again somewhere, in that deep and endless sea.

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